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niedziela, 19 lutego 2012

"Och jaki ja nieszczęsny..."

Pamiętacie, jak w poprzednim odcinku Cutie zakłócił mój sen, żeby zrobić mi awanturę o zamianę ciała?
To teraz zobaczcie, kto z tej rozmowy wyszedł na swoje :D

Nessie: Cutie! And what? What Mono said? Why you have a Nick's body and he yours?
Sweetie: Say it! We are very curious!
Cutie: Eh... There's nothing to talk about... I shouldn't escape from the collection then...
Nessie: But say what's is wrong?
Cutie: I don't want to talk about... Make me a place, I feel very sick...

 Sweetie: Go to bed! I'll take care of you!

 Sweetie: Maybe you are hungry? Wanna you drink?
Cutie: Oh, thank you, Sweetie! I'd eat something good and Coke.
Sweetie: Sure! Already I bring!
Artsy: Phi!

 Artsy: Girls, This looks like a hurt pride! I wonder why he suddenly felt ill? Probably Mono said him something!
Sassy: She said that she will seriously talk to him after a return from escape. Probably he got for desertion.

 Nessie: And how you feel sis, when he is near again? It is not hard for you?
Sassy: Nope. When he was absence, I had time to understand that he is the guy who feels the best in your company. He don't need girl.
Artsy: Perhaps he needs! Just look!
Sweetie: Here you are Cutie, this is for you.
Cutie: And you will improve my pillow?
Sweetie: Sure.

 Sassy: In any case, it's not Ken for me!
Artsy: Right!
Cutie: Cover my legs... Such rigid very quickly numb...
Sweetie: Of course, Cutie.

 Some time later...
Hottie: Hello Cutie! Long time no see you! You asleep here? Come with us to make some pictures!
Cutie: Very funny! Get out of my sight!
Girly: Cutie! What happened? Where does this anger?

 Cutie: Don't pretend don't you know! We all already know and making fun of me! I was deprived of articulate body!
Hottie/Tom: We don't know... But it probably wouldn't mind you shooting?
Cutie: YEAH, Great I'll pose such a rigid... I don't move from this couch to the end of my plastic life!
Girly: Let's go Tom, doesn't make sense to encourage him.

 Cutie: Photos... Posing is my element! And now I have a problem even with seat! Not to mention the hair styling... Only one hand! Oh, how unfortunate I am...!
Sweetie! Sweetie, come to me!

 Sweetie: What happened? Need something?
Cutie: Look, I uncovered, to help?
Sweetie: Sure.
Cutie: And pillow yet.

Artsy: OMG, he uses her.
Sassy: Poor Sweetie.
Nessie: She let to be used. She is so naive...

 A little bit later yet...
Rozi/Cutie#2: Cutie? You're here? When you come back? I heard that you went away from us.
Cutie: Don't remaind me. It was the biggest mistake of my life.
Lila/Cutie#1: Why? What happened?

 Cutie: Leave me alone, please. I'm so tired...
Lila: OK, good. Well, eee... take care!
Rozi: Let's go Lila! Turn on the music, we dance!
Lila: Super!

 Cutie: They will dance... I would like to dance now... But with this body...? I can afford only outmoded dancing robot... Eh, my life has lost sense...

 A little bit complaints later yet...
Sporty: Nick, great I spend time with you. Necessarily we do it again!
Nick: I am too!
Sporty: I persuade Mono to the common winter session!
Nick: Yes! We will make a snowman! Or igloo!

Cutie: It will be a great fun, huh? Are you pleased with himself, the Prince?!
Sporty: Cutie?

 Cutie: You have a great fun on my body?! Do you ache knees from the constant bending?!
Nick: No, look, I bow elbows and wrists yet. You not? Right! You're a stiff now!
Cutie: I'll just show you what the can stiff!!
Nick: Come on.

 Cutie: I'll show you! Arrrgh! ARGH!!!
Sporty: Embarrassment... Nick, stop.
Nick: But I don't do anything.

 Nick: Calm down boy.
Cutie: I have not gave you a hard time!!
Sporty: Cutie, calm down! Immediately!! Tell us more why you have swapped bodies.

 Cutie: Ehh... it's all my fault... It's punishment for being a scoundrel, a narcissist and escape from the collection. I have to live with it. Mono have the right changed me. Already I realized that I was not the best, but I do not know if I can recover my body...
Sporty: I'm so sorry, Cutie...
Nick: I care it, you don't have to worry about.
Cutie: Don't piss me off.

Cutie: Alex! Maybe you'll talk with Mono? Say her, that I understood! That I'll change myself! I'll be better! Let give  me my body!
Alex: Cutie... I... I don't know if I can... if I want do it. You see, me and Nick... we...
Cutie: Yaaa, sure! Doves! You love him like that! Articulated! I got it! Nowhere to help!!
Nick: ?!
Alex: Cutie, it is not what you think...

 Cutie: Go have a look in the eye each other! Just away from me!
Nick: Let's go, Alex.
Alex: Cutie...

 Cutie: Turpitude! She prefers him on the articulated body! At least he can hug her. And me? I'll never hug any dolls...? Sweetie, honey! Come to me here and now!

 Sweetie: What happend, Cutie? Unhide you, poor?
Cutie: Eh?

 Cutie: And with whom you came, Sweetie? What a stunner doll? Present a me?
Sweetie: Eee... yes. Wild, this is Cutie, Cutie - it's Wild. She joined us when you ran away. But Cutie... you're not sick yet?

Cutie: I sick? I'm fit as a fiddle! Pretty baby, tell me where this name "Wild"? Maybe it told about your wild nature, hmm?
Sweetie: Cutie! You said, that you're sick!! I improved your pillow, covered your feet, because you couldn't move! Now suddenly you are healthly, because you saw a new doll?!
Cutie: Sweetie, don't overdo it.

 Sweetie: Crock!!
Cutie: Good that she went. We will be able to talk freely. So how is it with your character, mmm?
Wild: All in all it...

 Cutie: Don't say nothing! I guess! You're wild as a panther! Acute and unpredictable!
Wild: Maybe... But Cutie, may I ask you something?
Cutie: Ask for what you want, baby.
Wild: If you're a Fashionistas, why your body isn't articulated?

 Cutie: Oh, my body... It's long story. No matter. Rigid body shall not be prevented to get close to each other, huh?
Wild: You know, I'm sure, that it will not be a problem... for another doll.

 Cutie: Oh, come on! Unless don't you reject me because of this corpus?
Wild: No, you're just not my type. Sorry, but I will look for Sweetie. See ya!

 Cutie: End of the World! If Mono will not give up me my body, existence will not make sense to me! How do I live, since none doll doesn't want me! Oh, how unfortunate I am... Let me hug someone...
Mono: Cutie?

 Cutie: Oh Mono! I'm so unhappy! Give me up my body, pleeease! Life doesn't make a sense if I am stiff... And I don't want die!
Mono: Cutie, probably you overdo it. Do you remember what was the deal? You will change yourself, and I consider whether I will give you your body.
Cutie: Yeah, but do you know how difficult it is? It's stronger than me! I promise to be better, with all my strength I will try, just give me my body... In this I can't even express my plea...
Mono: Good, but you have to do something.
Cutie: Everything!

Mono: First apologize you Sweetie that so terrible you used her.
Cutie: Good.
Mono: Then talk with Sassy and apologize her for your showing up at the break-up.
Cutie: OK.
Mono: Then Hottie and Girly for nasty behavior.
Cutie: Right, my fault. I'll apologize.
Mono: And at the end, Sporty and Nick for the vehemence and a lot of unnecessary words.

 Cutie: ABSOLUTELY NOT! Not force me for this! While I tolerate somehow Tom, that this the Prince at all! And besides, he has my body and he was very happy with it!
Mono: It I decided that he will receive your body. He didn't ask about it. If you don't talk with them, there will be no agreement, and you will remain stiff.
Cutie: But...
Mono: And how you will be invented, I will give you to a younger cousin, who doesn't have foam-hair, marry you with a chinese clone with narrow hips, and so spend you the rest of life.

Cutie: I'm going to look for these two!! 
Mono: Reasonable boy.

Czy Cutiemu uda się przeprosić wszystkich i zasłużyć na swoje ciałko? Tego dowiecie się w następnym odcinku!

PS. Nigdy nie oddałabym go nikomu, tylko mu nie mówcie, że blefowałam! :D

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  1. hehehhehe,biedny sztywniaczek,no no!jak to się mówi - "przyszła kryska na Matyska"! no ale miejmy nadzieję,że Cutie zmieni się :)

  2. Lol - myślę, że Cutie zrozumiał - oddaj mu ciałko...

  3. Hahahahah Mono! Brawo :D przygadałaś mu :D
    Tylko kurczę w sumie... wolę Nicka na artykułowanym :D:D:D
    Poszukaj ciałka dla Nicka i dopiero wtedy oddaj Cutiemu jego ciałko :D
    Wild dziewczyna z zasadami haha :D

    1. Spoko, mam już ustalony plan działania, hehehe :D

  4. Aaa, biedny- to dopiero kara, ożenić Cutiego z chińskim klonem xD

    1. O wąskich biodrach! On by tego nie zniósł :D

  5. hahah oddam cię młodszej kyzynce... xD Padam ;D świetny odcinek!

  6. Świetny odcinek, a fragment o kuzynce wymiata.

  7. Dollbby, Basia, dzięki! :)

  8. Miejmy nadzieję, że Cutie nie czyta Twojego bloga ;)
    To go ustawiłaś - oby się zmienił na lepsze! ;) Ale czy nie będzie później nudno bez tego uroczego, zapatrzonego w siebie Kenika? ;>

  9. Raaaany- Wild jest świetna!!! I Sweetie- <3 Nie oddawaj Cutiemu cialka- Nick nadaje się bardziej na Fashionistę i pasuje do Alex :)

    1. Będę go obserwować, ma warunki do spełnienia w zamian za ciałko, jak się wywiąże to ciałko dostanie ;-)

  10. Widzę, że Wild już do Ciebie dotarła! Jest piękna, nie? ;-) I ani trochę niewarta tego hipokryty :-D No, chyba, że się zmieni ;-)

    1. Widzę, że Cutie budzi skrajne emocje, jedni go kochają, inni nie lubią :D Super!
      Wild już jakiś czas mam, nawet nie ma już statusu "Nowej", bo teraz nosi go Sassy wave 2 :D

  11. o matulu...! aż się popłakałam!! to jest ekstraśne!!
    jesteś mistrzynią komiksu!!
    powinnaś to wydać w formie książkowej!!

    1. Dzięki!
      W formie książkowej musiałabym zrobić retrospekcje i przedstawić jakieś początki blogonoweli, bo ja to tak jakoś ni z gruchy ni z pietruchy zaczęłam :D

  12. Zgadzam się z Gałagutkiem :D Jesteś mistrzynia komiksu! :D Tekst o ożenku Cutiego z chińskim klonem mnie powalił, hahaha :D I teraz zasnę z dobrym humorem :D

  13. Super! mistrzostwo świata :).

  14. Ależ jesteście wredne dla biedaka :P Przecież gdy się zmieni, to straci co najmniej połowę swojego uroku osobistego (uchowaj Mattelu!) Mam nadzieję, że pozostanie nadal nieznośny, wredny i narcyzowaty.

  15. Paumar, alexisdoll, cieszę się, że Wam się podoba, dzięki!
    Stary Zgredku, pożyjemy zobaczymy :D

  16. Hello from Spain: poor Ken seems to be sick. Want your body articulable loc .. I like orange cushions. There are clothes of your Barbies I have also ... We remain in contact blog blog

  17. Heh xD. Cóż można powiedzieć.... SUPER! a i się wydaje Sweetie taką głupią blondyneczką co czyta książki : D.

    Na moim blogu nowy post, jak chcesz zobaczyć jak wykorzystać katalog IKEA, to zajrzyj ;).